Maria Robinson and Aleko Khutsidze

Maria Robinson:

Currently a freshman at The Ohio State University, Ms. Maria Robinson started dancing when she was just eight years old. She was inspired by the show Dancing with the Stars and remembers watching this as a preschooler in lieu of popular cartoons. She competes nationally with coach Aleko Khutsidze and trains with top judges in the ballroom industry.

Aleko Khutsidze:

Originally from the country of Georgia, Aleko Khutsidze started dancing Georgian folkoric dance, a traditional athletic and artistic style of dance, at the young age of five. Through dance, Mr. Khutsideze had the opportunity to travel around the world to many countries, and in 2001 visited the United States where he was able to pursue Ballroom and Latin dancing. From 2005-2013 he competed professionally in International Latin with partner Svetlana Iskhakov. He retired from professional dancing in 2013 but continues to teach a full studio of aspiring students. He lives in Columbus with his wife, Abby Khutsidze, and children; Luka, Lily and Luna.

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